Taiwan’s IANTP to the next stage [2022-04-28 Posted]

Taiwan’s nanoMark Certification System [2022-04-28 Posted]

Nanotechnology Standards in Taiwan [2022-04-28 Posted]

Talent Cultivation for Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan [2022-04-28 Posted]

Taiwan Pavilion on nano tech 2022, Japan [2022-01-26 Posted]

Date: Jan 26-28, 2022

Webinar: Nanosafety Forum Country Experiences and Predictive Model Developments for Safety Guidelines and Standardization (5 Aug: 10.00-16.00 BKK time) [2021-07-14 Posted]

Invitation to join (Free Registration)

2021 Taiwan-USAF Nanostructured Materials for Sensing and Sustainment Final Program Review [2021-07-15 Posted]

Date: Jul 15-16, 2021

Taiwan participated in ISO/TC 229 [2021-05-17 Posted]

Date: May 17-21, 2021

Green multifunctional nano silicon powders for green energy application [2020-12-21 Posted]

Through several grants from MOST, nano-sized silicon powders have been well developed with the potential to be the key material for several futuristic green energy technologies. http://trh.gase.most.ntnu.edu.tw/en/article/content/172

TANIDA held The Role of Nanotechnology in the Post-Pandemic Era Workshop [2020-12-10 Posted]

Facing post-pandemic era, how COVID-19 has affected such as health care, psycho-social, economic and educational, among others? What is the role of nanotechnology? The workshop organized by Taiwan Nanotechnology Industry Development Association (TANIDA) was held on 10 December 2020 at National Taiwan University in Taipei. Speakers including President Kung-Yee Liang (梁賡義) of National Health Research Institutes, Dr. Gary Wang (王崇智), CEO at Taiwan Accelerator Plus, Prof. Jiang-Jen Lin (林江珍), Honorary Professor at National Taiwan University, and Dr. Yin-Liang Tang (湯尹良) from Eternal Materials Co., Ltd, are invited to give presentations about the impacts on public health and responses, trend of entrepreneurship, applications of nanomaterials, and industrial progress with the rapid test reagent. There were about 80 domestic participants from academia and industry in this workshop. TANIDA was founded in 2004 and aims to facilitate the integration of R&D efforts at universities, research institutions and industry to accelerate the commercialization of nanotechnology and to meet industries' needs of developing high valued-added products and technology. Dr. Ting-Kuo Lee, current President of ANF, was elected the Chairman at the 2018 TANIDA Plenary Meeting in October 2018. In early 2017 Taiwan’s nanoMark established in 2003, also the world’s first nano-product certification system, was transferred to TANIDA for the professional and independent functionality after 14-year operation under the auspices of the government.

Smart Q station improves the COVID-19 quarantine workflow [2020-11-23 Posted]

As COVID-19 became a pandemic, quarantine stations outside of emergency departments (EDs) at hospitals became necessary. It is a priority to simplify the workflow and decision-making process for physicians. http://trh.gase.most.ntnu.edu.tw/en/article/content/167

Taiwan participated in ISO/TC229 [2020-11-13 Posted]

The 2020 ISO/TC229 Nanotechnologies Plenary Meeting was held on 13 November virtually during COVID-19 (originally in London, UK). Dr. Tsing-Tang Song, on behalf of Asia Nano Forum (ANF), has presented a Preliminary Working Item Proposal (registered as PWI 4971) at WG5 (Products and Applications). ISO/TC229 agreed that this PWI 4971 “Nanotechnologies - Performance Evaluation of Nanosuspension Containing Clay Nanoplates for Quorum Quenching” should proceed to New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) ballot stage, and invited Liaison member ANF to submit the proposal by the end of December 2020, with Dr. Song proposed as Project Leader. This NWIP proposal has also been issued via the ISO/TC229 electronic balloting procedure. The voting will be closed on 5 April 2021.

Taiwan participated in ISO/TC229 on behalf of ANF [2020-08-25 Posted]

The 2020 ISO/TC229 Nanotechnologies Interim Meeting was held on 20 May virtually (originally in Washington DC, USA) during COVID-19. Dr. Tsing-Tang Song from Taiwan has participated in this online event on behalf of Asia Nano Forum (ANF), the Liaison member of ISO/TC229. As a follow-up to the agreement at the Hangzhou meeting last November in China, the Preliminary Working Item Proposal (registered as PWI 4971) “Nanotechnologies- Performance Evaluation of Nanosuspension Containing Clay Nanoplates for Quorum Quenching” at WG5 (Products and Applications) proposed by Dr. Tsing-Tang Song was tabled for discussion. The WG5 committee recommended that this document review should take 4 weeks in circulation for comments from WG5 experts and for commitment of participation. Then the document will be submitted to apply for a NWIP (New Work Item Proposal) for ballot at the coming online meeting in November (originally in London, UK).

Congratulations to Dar-Bin Shieh, Director of TANIDA, as Win three 16TH NATIONAL INNOVATION AWARD [2020-02-02 Posted]

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Congratulations to Lee Ting-Kuo, Director of TANIDA, as the Academician of the 32nd Academia Sinica election [2018-07-16 Posted]

Academician Lee is the convener of the 5th Board of Directors and the International Affairs Committee of TANIDA. He is currently a Distinguished Research Fellow and the Director of Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica.
He is also the vice chairman of Asia Nano Forum (ANF) for 2018-2019.
From 2004 to 2006, he served as the chief project director of the National Nanotech Project and was an essential promoter of Taiwan's nanotechnology development.
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Taiwan hosted the ANFoS 2018 [2018-05-21 Posted]

Taiwan hosted the 15th Asia Nano Forum Summit (ANFoS2018) and a commercialization workshop in conjunction with ANFoS2018 earlier this year. This two-day event started with the “International Workshop on Nanotechnology: from Innovation to Application” on 17 May, followed by the Summit Meeting on 18 May. The workshop on the first day at Academia Sinica aimed to be a B2B platform as well as a successful model in furthering international business cooperation among ANF members. It began with an invited speech on Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy including guided introduction to information such as investment and market opportunity. Following the invited speech, presenting country representatives and founders of startup companies from Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan also elaborated on country policy of nanotechnology commercialization in the morning session and promoted business activities such as investment opportunity in the afternoon session respectively. Furthermore, there was a product demonstration from eight companies simultaneously around the venue to offer participants a deeper exchange and better understanding of market opportunity. An especial arrangement amid the Summit Meeting at Courtyard Taipei the next day was to meet with the Vice President of Taiwan, Dr. Chien-Jen Chen, at the Office of the President. Vice President Chen was much delighted to welcome all ANF delegations, on behalf of Taiwan’s government to this year’s Summit in Taiwan and offered his thanks to ANF community for holding this wonderful event in Taiwan as well. He mentioned that Taiwan’s government would continue supporting activities to foster links between Taiwan and ANF members and to promote especially the New Southbound Policy launched in 2016. Dr. Toshihiko Kanayama from Japan, President of ANF and Prof. Dr. Ali Beitollahi from Iran, head of International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) steering committee also expressed their gratitude for this arrangement respectively. The 1st INO was held this April in Tehran, Iran and Taiwanese team took first place with the best total score and solution to the theme of “Water and Environment” this year.

2017 nanoMark Certification Award Ceremony [2017-02-13 Posted]

NanoMark certification award ceremony was held by Taiwan Nanotechnology Industry Development Association (TANIDA) at Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel on March 10 2017. The nanoMark Certification award ceremony was hosted by TANIDA Chairman Wu Chung-Yu. Representative from Consumer Goods & Chemical Industries Division of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tu, Li-Chung, and other 40 more representatives from industry , government, academia and research institute were together witnessing the transfer of nanoMark from the Division of Industrial Development Bureau to TANIDA. It is a new milestone for Taiwan nano-enabled products certification program.

The most reliable and trustworthy verification system in the world is usually handled by impartial third party organization such as professional associations or independent organizations. The nanoMark was transferred from the Division of Industrial Development Bureau to TANIDA in 2017. There are 29 companies and thousands of products have been certified by nanoMark system. These products were proved containing nano-materials, nano-enabled functionality, and other quality requirements such as safety, durability etc. in regular product category.

The TANIDA Chairman, Wu Chung-Yu said that nanotechnology has been developed for a long time in Taiwan and the R & D achievement are rich, and the industrialization accomplishment is leading the world. The keys to success of nanoMark system are industrial standards establishment, industrial applications promotion and consumers rights and interests protection. In the future, the efficient and flexible operation of TANIDA, and impartial third party verification of ITRI will keep facilitating nanoMark development in Taiwan and expand nanoMark influences worldwide.

Since establishment of TANIDA, TANIDA has been working on in line with international standards and regulations. There are many outstanding performances have been achieved, such as cooperation agreement with Malaysia in 2016, leading the delegation to Iran to expand business opportunities and attending nano tech 2017 in Japan. At present, TANIDA and Malaysia are conducting a plan of recognizing each other’s nano-product validation. In the future, the association will conduct a plan about mutual recognition of nano certification and market exchange with Malaysia’s Nano verify to help nanoMark companies to increase overseas market opportunities.

Welcome to all who are interested in the nanoMark and want to learn more about how to participate in the verification system to prove their own products features and want to explore international market. Feel free to contact with Taiwan Nanotechnology Industry Development Association.

2017 Canada Taiwan Strategic Partnering Forum on Nanotechnology Applications [2017-01-25 Posted]

2017 Canada Taiwan Strategic Partnering Forum on Nanotechnology Applications was held in Taipei, Taiwan on 23 February 2017. This event was jointly host by Taiwan Nanotechnology Industry Development Association(TANIDA), The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei(CTOT) and Alberta Taiwan Office (ATO). There were about 60 participants attending this forum and one-on-one partnering meetings. The Canadian delegation, led by NanoCanada, included ChemRoutes Corporation, Grafoid Inc., Luxmux Technology, Nanalysis Corp, NEMSOR Technologies Inc., Preciseley Microtechnology Corp., SensorUp Inc., and Wedge Networks Inc.. It is expected to build a long-term bilateral relationship in product development and market exploitation of nanotechnology between potential Taiwan-Canada companies. On 22 February, the day before the forum, the delegation paid a visit to Dr. Ting-Kuo Lee at Academia Sinica. Dr. Lee has been the director of Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica since 2012 as well as the Chair of International Affairs Committee of Taiwan Nanotechnology Industry Development Association (TANIDA). Currently he also acts as the Secretary of ANF ExCo Committee.

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